Logbook Servicing

It’s no secret that an auto dealership will recommend you only get your car serviced by the dealer’s service centre, but you also have the option of taking your vehicle to any reputable auto repair centre that you choose.

If you have a new car still under warranty, you can still have your car serviced at any reputable auto service centre without any risk of non-compliance on your warranty, and without the high cost of the dealership service fees.

Goodyear Autocare Boronia provides logbook servicing for petrol, diesel vehicles, saving you time and money and still maintain your vehicles warranty.

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Steering & Suspension

Goodyear Autocare Boronia provides servicing of your steering and suspension for greater driver safety, making your vehicle easier and safer to drive.

  • Our comprehensive service includes the following:
  • Power Steering Repairs/Replacement
  • Lift Kits and 4WD Upgrades
  • Bushing Replacement
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Shocks/Springs

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Exhaust Replacement & Repairs

Goodyear Boronia provides a wide range of exhaust repairs and upgrades, for all makes and models.

You may only need a section of exhaust replaced without the added cost of replacing the whole system, and we will let you know what replacement components are required before we start work on your vehicle.

Avoid the added cost of genuine parts or components. We can replace sections of your exhaust without having to replace the complete system.  Furthermore, a leaking exhaust affects the performance of your vehicle and can be dangerous so don’t delay and book in for an inspection.

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Air Conditioning

Your vehicle’s air conditioning not only keeps you cool in summer, it also provides safer driving by removing humidity on the inside of your windscreen on foggy, winter days.

Without regular servicing, air conditioning units can fall into disrepair and will become a sorely missed feature of your vehicle in summer. More importantly, left unchecked, your air conditioning can cost you more in repairs and servicing in the long term.

Goodyear Autocare Boronia will repair and replace air conditioning units, damaged belts, hoses and other air conditioning related parts.

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Transmissions & Clutches

Clutches and transmissions are precision made machinery and it’s critical that your clutch, or transmission is operating without any faults or defects.

If your running your vehicle and your notice a burning rubber smell coming from under the bonnet, or your vehicle revving too high when moving through gears, then you need to have your vehicle inspected immediately.

Avoid additional costs and of transmission and clutch breakdown. Call Goodyear Autocare Boronia today.

Auto Electrical & Diagnostics

As you know, most vehicles today are heavily reliant on technologically advanced electrical systems that control the operating systems for your vehicle, and provide other convenient applications and features in your vehicle.

At Goodyear Autocare Boronia, we can test your alternator, battery or replace components for optimum performance, and ensure your vehicles electrical systems operate safely and efficiently.

Our specialist team provide state of the art diagnostics for servicing and repair of your electrical systems including, component replacement.

If your vehicle has an electrical problem, contact us today for an inspection and service.


Goodyear Autocare Boronia provides tyres from the world’s leading tyre manufacturers which permits us to offer our customers with tyres for all makes and models, and a solution that suits a specific vehicle and customers budget.

We also specialise in wheel balancing and alignment making sure our customers receive maximum value for their money, by reducing uneven wear and tear and improved vehicle safety.

Goodyear Autocare Boronia are experts in wheel alignment, utilizing the latest laser alignment technology, to ensure optimum wear and economy from your tyres.

Contact us today to find out more about our tyre, fitting and balancing service.


Goodyear Autocare Boronia can tow or transport almost any vehicle…We have a strong reputation based on customer care and professional service.

We ensure your vehicle makes it back to our workshop without any further damage and is safely parked, either at your location or in our secure workshop.

Our drivers are trained by industry experts and qualified to safely deliver your vehicle to its destination upon your request.

We understand all your transport needs & provide the best solution that meets your requirements.

Call us today if you need a tow truck, or call us for any other towing questions.